Heard from some of our customers and interior bloggers!

"Love the candleholders that we light every night"

Anna Ståler - Lidingö

 "An incredibly beautiful candleholders. Simple and stylish design that fits in most homes"!​

Helena Nord Inredningsbloggare Mormorsglamour/Sköna hem  

The perfect gift to have at home in readiness - is always much appreciated. All of my best friends and half of the family have now received the candleholders as gifts"​ 

Ulrica Jacobson - Ängelholm

"The candleholders are very nice to put on the tables. They fit in many different restaurant environments - both indoors and outdoors.

The candles never blow out even if they are in windy places. The candlesticks are also gladly bought by our guests in the shop. " 

Mathias Hellström - Hotel Gässlingen - Skanör, Alexander Nilsson - Skanörs Gästgivaregård - Skanör 

"The beautiful candlestick Kattvik is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. With it's clean design, this is a design classic to be"​

Nordic Design Collective / Nordic Kind

"Love mine - will use them tonight on the patio! Summer Evenings + KattvikDesign = Magic”​

Åsa Gramén - Inredare - Stylist - Fotograf - Retaildesigner - KYD - Killingyourdarlings

 "The design with stable foot makes the candleholders take up little space on the table. The protective glass makes them fireproof for our guests as no one can access the flame.

The brass candleholders we selected fits perfectly in our maritime environment "

Pelle Johansson - Källarmästare Ångbåtsbryggan - Strandvägen Stockholm

 "The summer is rescued. I've been looking for candleholders for a long time that work outdoors even when it's blowing" ​

Ann-Charlott Henriksson/Johansson - Carlssons El & Jakt - Kungshamn

"The gift to the staff and to our own porch was solved at the same time - became very popular. Now we can finally have candles that do not blow out - even outdoors. Thanks"​

Kristian Rosendahl - Mälarhöjden

Kattvik Advent. One of the finest and most welcome news at this autumn's Formex fair. Finally a sequel to our beloved Kattvik candleholders"​

Sofi Borin - Vågskvalp inredning/Blå Skänken


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