Frequently asked questions


What size candle and what type is best suited for the holders?

200-220 mm long and 23 mm diameter. For example Skånska Stearinljusfabrikens or Liljeholmens kronljus. You can also use rustic candles from ICA or IKEA.

Kattvik Large: 300 mm long and 50 mm diameter.


How do you wash the glass?

The sturdy glass can be washed in a normal dishwasher, restaurant dishwasher or by hand.


If stearin gets on the foot of the holder, how do you get if off?

Heat water in for example a kettle. Hold the foot with a cloth, since it gets warm when you pour warm water on it. Pour the water on the foot - the stearin will melt an can be poured off. (However, if the candles have burned down completely and there is a lot of wax in the candlestick, this first needs to be removed with a narrow tool - eg a screwdriver). Wipe with a wash cloth. Done! The candle holder is as good as new. Please note: The candle holder feet are sturdy but should not be washed in a dishwasher, just the glass.

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