Kattvik and the Rösth family

In the old fishing village Kattvik, between Båstad and Torekov along the sothwest coast of Sweden, all you can hear is the ocean. It is also here – in the inspiring environment we run the family business KattvikDesign.

With team work and creativity we sell our own design, stylish and practical candle holders, mostly in Scandinavia but also to the rest of Europe. 

The Rösth family has a lifetime of experience creating cosy moods at restaurants, for holidays and for special occations. Our interest in smart design, beautifully set tables, carfully prepared meals and fitting drinks gives us inspiration to create great environments with lighting that lends a visual experience.

Or as the Swedish saying goes:

"You also eat with your eyes"


The birth of Candleholder Kattvik®

A late summer day my friends and family had a picnic in Kattvik's harbor. The evening sun was warm, the wine was cooled and the seafood tasted amazing. Unfortunately, the wind kept blowing out our candle in an open candle holder. Then and there the idea was hatched for our storm candle holder Kattvik. A tried out design from my father Paul Rösth senior was developed to a smart and attractive design that soon proved to be very loved by our customers.

Today we have many happy customers; both private customers, restaurants and business have chosen our beautiful, smart and safe candle holders with storm glass.  

Welcome to enjoy the glow of our candles - you too!

Paul with family



          In order for you as a customer to get optimal quality, we work with the best manufacturers in the industry. We do thorough quality control of every detail -                  both glass, wood and metal parts - before being shipped to our warehouse for repackaging to you.




Paul Rösth
CEO / Design

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Customer service

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Sol Grip-Rösth

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