Smart design for a better life

With smart design that solves everyday challenges, we make carefully thought-out products that enhance the mood.
Things that make your everyday life and party a little bit nicer. Which are perfect year-round gifts for yourself - or someone special.



  • Options

  • Brushed stainless steel, nickel-plated brass/silver or polished laquered brass.  BUY

  • Design

  • Stylish Swedish design. Kattvik 4 - long awaited sequel to Kattvik.  REFERENSES                                

  • Mood

  • Make the perfect evening with family and friends longer and brighter  BUY

  • Function

  • The storm glass keeps the candle burning, elegant and fire safe - without sooth!   TO STORE  

  • Occations

  • On the boat, deck or dinner table. Unique mix of mood raising function and design.  BUY

In the idyllic fishing village of Kattvik, we get inspiration to create our popular candleholders. Function, timeless design and quality in a comfortable association.

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